PS Finance Navigation

Session Basics

  • Provided by campus PS security administrator
  • Same for each instance
  • Typically identical to your email userid ("campus network identity")
  • Case-sensitive
  • Initially provided by campus PS security administrator; maintained by you
  • Expires at first login, and every 90 days (if you have access to PeopleSoft Finance) or every 120 days (if you have access to PeopleSoft HR). Information on password expiration at Humboldt.
  • You can change at any time via Change My Password menu item
  • Must contain at least 6 characters, including one numeral and one special character
    • Special characters include !@#$%^&*()_+
  • Case-sensitive
  • PeopleSoft applications are Web-served. You need only a browser and a connection to the campus network
  • Best setup is recent version of Internet Explorer, Windows. Other configurations are possible
  • If you're getting access or navigation errors, first try clearing your workstation browser cache:
    • In Internet Explorer: Tools-Internet Options-Temporary Internet Files-Delete Files
    • It may also be helpful to sign out of session, close and restart browser
  • PS Web applications have automatic timeout after an idle period
  • Timeout period for Finance is 60 minutes, with a warning at 20 minutes
  • Timeout period for HR is 20 minutes
  • If you have multiple windows open, any idle window can timeout all others
  • To exit additional open browser windows other than the original, click X in upper right corner of browser window, or File-Close
  • To exit original browser window and entire session, use Sign Out link in upper right corner of PeopleSoft workspace on any page

Getting Around

PeopleSoft Workspace
  • Once in PS, don't use browser Forward-Back buttons, or browser Favorites/Bookmarks
  • Mark pages within PS using Add to Favorites link in upper right corner of workspace. Items will be accessible under the Favorites menu folder
  • Navigate within PS using either menu folders/items from any page, or links & buttons provided on individual pages
  • Home link at top of workspace returns you to initial state: blank workspace, menu folders collapsed
  • Ctrl-K on any actual page (not the Home page) to see a printable list of keyboard shortcuts or "hot keys"
PeopleSoft Menu
  • Search feature is not useful
  • Order is not alphabetic
  • Favorites folder at top for convenience
  • Functional folders follow in life-cycle order
  • Custom reports, general utilities are last
  • Expand/collapse a menu folder by clicking on it
  • Blue links are actual pages ("content references")
  • Hide menu by clicking red (-) in upper right corner of menu
  • Reshow menu by clicking collapsed icon
Search Pages
  • Most initial pages are search pages
  • Decide what entity is being searched for
  • For run controls and inquiry names, can either Find an Existing Value or Add a New Value via tabs
  • Press Search button (or on most pages, Enter key) to submit search
  • Won't return more than 300 values in total search result; you must narrow search
  • Search result is "chunked" by default: won't present more than 100 at a time
  • Navigate inside current chunk using scroll bar
  • Navigate among chunks using chunking controls (arrows, First, Last) at top of search result
  • Change presentation using View All/View nnn links
  • Select a value to view by clicking anywhere on its search result line
  • Once you have selected a value to view, you can continue to move sequentially through your search result by using the Next and Previous buttons
Entering Data in Fields
  • Most data entry is not case-sensitive
  • Required fields typically have an asterisk (*) next to their label
  • To look up valid values, press the magnifying glass icon, if available, to the right of the entry field
  • Resulting lookup page operates like a search page
  • Selecting a lookup value returns you to data entry page with that value placed in field
Saving Data
  • Can save changes by pressing Save button at bottom of page at any time
  • PS will generally (but not always!) prompt you to save if you make changes and then try to leave the page without saving
  • Read the prompt carefully! Click OK to stop and go back to page for save
  • Click Cancel to leave page without saving. You will lose all your changes
  • You may be prompted to save for no apparent reason; just click Cancel