Asset Management

NOTE: We are currently operating under modified hours and conditions. Please direct all asset management inquiries to (707) 826-4035. Based on the content of the message, it will be routed to the appropriate individual and you should receive a response within 24 hours.

Asset Management tracks, manages, and reports on the university's capitalized assets. Tracking activities include tagging newly-acquired property, conducting annual physical inventories, and maintaining a property database. The office also capitalizes improvements to existing campus buildings and land, manages university storage spaces, and disposes of surplus assets.

Humboldt SCLogic Business Process Guide

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Equipment that used to fit the instructional equipment criteria (cost between $500 and $4,999 and used by an instructional department) will no longer be tagged and tracked by Financial Services Accounting per the CSU Administration of University Property policy.

Departments may tag and track it themselves by utilizing the SCLogic application.

PeopleSoft assets requiring an asset tag continue to be as follows:

  • Anything over $5,000 that is not permanently attached to a building
  • All vehicles, vessels and trailers
  • All firearms
  • Anything that can store level I or II data

Please note, there are known accessibility barriers with the use of this product. While many issues have been corrected, improvement work continues. If you require assistance with looking up information, adding, removing, or updating an asset in the SCLogic tracking system, please contact the Financial Services Asset Management team at Phone: (707) 826-4032. Or you can email us at or drop by the third floor of the Student Business Services building Room 325 for help.


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